Facing Waves, on the North beach of Biscarrosse, Kiwi surf offers swimming lessons for children and adults. Once the basics learnt, you can enjoy surfing lesson thanks to our surf packages. All our instructors are qualified. Our pool is one of the biggest introduction to swimming pool in the region.Water is heated up to 28°.
We organize group level after 4 years old.
If you want to start earlier, there are baby swimmer lessons, so that they can get used to being in the water.
We also offer Aquagym and Ocean swim.

A 28°pool on the beach.

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Baby swimmers will be in the pool with their parents
Group level will be made after 4 years old for children and adults

Group level will be made after 4 years old for children and adults.

  • Level 1: discovery of the aquatic environment, head in the water, doing the « starfish », and « move as a rocket »
  • Level 2: Basics of the crawl and back swim
  • Level 3:Breaststroke and improvement of the crawl with side breathing
  • Level 4:Coordination of breaststroke, butterfly and crawling shift

By the end of your lesson package, the kids can recieve a diploma matching their level.

The atmsophere, of every Friday afternoon, 5pm is unbelievable… an organzation like the Oluympics ! 

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Swimming contest


Every Friday, 5pm, come and discover the Swimming contest and the atmoshere around it. Organized as the olypmics, your children will show you their improvements while trying to go as fast as possible. Gifts to win for all the Kiwi Swimmers !

After 4 years old, group level are organized

— Kiwi surf —


1 Lesson – 30 min 16 €
5 Lesson – 30 min 15 € per lessonOR 75 € the package
10 Lesson – 30 min 14 € per lessonOR 140 € the package
Private Lesson – 30 min 30 € per lesson
Nage Océan 1 Leçon de 30 min 20 € per lesson
10 Leçons de 30 min 18 € per lessonOR 180 € the package

Information & Booking

In order to book, you can send us an email or easily do it online.

North Roundabout/ facing the ocean on the top of the sand dune


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